Wedding Venues in the Mozambique

When considering various wedding venue options, most brides’ tend to cut their hunt short at the border of South Africa. However, if you direct your attention slightly to the north, you’ll spot what is perhaps the sunniest and happiest corner of the earth – idyllic, romantic and mesmerising Mozambique.

With its wedding-friendly weather conditions and laid-back aura and mystique, Mozambique is Africa’s very own version of the perfect island holiday getaway destination. The region is home to numerous top and highly reputable wedding venues, and offers endless entertainment options, adventure sports and of course, rich auburn sunsets over golden beaches. cont...

While a destination wedding might appear to be a costly affair, the reality is that it could potentially work out cheaper than hosting your big day close to home. For starters, the number of guests who will be able to attend your special day will drop drastically, guaranteeing that only those guests who truly want to celebrate this special day with you will be in attendance. What’s more, since South Africa is one of the world’s most coveted wedding destinations, you’ll be surprised how the prices of local wedding venues and vendors compare to that of a country like Mozambique.

Having a destination wedding is an excellent way to spend money on that which matters most – the wedding experience rather than all the bells and whistles. A particularly popular trend these days is for the couple to invite a handful of close and treasured guests to an exotic wedding venue, footing the bill for a marital weekend of note and spoiling themselves and their guests beyond measure. But enough chatter – the Mozambique wedding venues in this section of the site will speak for themselves! ...less

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