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A Wedding at The Venue, will ensure any couple romance and celebration. With a quiet rural atmosphere, it promises to be a day that you have always dreamed about. Friendly staff and thorough

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Wedding Venues in Diamond Fields

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so it stands to reason that a Diamond Fields wedding will be right up your alley! The Diamond Fields is a name given to the mining district of the Northern Cape, with the great Kimberley lying right at the very heart of it all. This part of the region is especially known for its rich historical background, dating back to the 1860s when the diamond hunters first rushed onto the scene in the hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. If you're a history fanatic you'll also know that another tragic historical event took place right here: the erection of the British concentration camp for women and children. And you've probably already lost your heart on this cultural wonderland.

Today this magical district is a gem of a different kind and a place where true love sparkles brighter than the shiniest diamond. Brides-to-be with a diamond shining on their finger often opt for a wedding in the Diamond Fields due to its old world charm, and that romance and glamour that is still associated with this diamond country to this very day.

Towns in the area boast some of the most magnificent Victorian architecture standing side-by-side with impressive modern-style contemporary buildings. Diamond Fields wedding venues are slightly limited to hotels, a couple of lodges and clubhouses, however there's certainly nothing "limited" about their capabilities and the luxuries they offer. More importantly, the one aspect about the region that will really steal your heart is how very real it is – no smoke and mirrors or fancy extras. The true beauty lies in the personalities of its inhabitants and the stark natural splendour of the surroundings. In the end it's no secret that the people here are the epitome of friendliness and hospitality.

While the area is dry and slightly desolate, there's nothing arid about Kimberley's wedding industry. Though this bustling little metropolis might not be a patch on the country's other major cities, it is considered to be one of the most innovative towns as far as resources and arts and culture are concerned. As the only major town in the surrounding district, Kimberley is home to all the service providers required to plan a simple Diamond Fields wedding. However brides looking for something a bit more extravagant will have to rely on the services of Bloemfontein and surrounding provinces.

A must-see when in the area (whether for wedding or honeymoon) is of course the famous Big Hole. What makes this gigantic crater so much more amazing is the fact that it's one of the biggest hand-dug holes in the world and before it was a hole, it was a hill. The area itself is relatively flat and most of the koppies you'll see here are accumulated mining waste. These piles have been sitting there for a number of years and many of them have since been proclaimed heritage sights that are to be preserved. Over the years many shallow pans have formed between these koppies. Today they are home to a plethora of bird life such as the Lesser Flamingo, and also make the perfect backdrop for a rustic-style photo session.

Weather-wise, temperatures in the Diamond Fields are known to climb into the low thirties in summertime, and have been recorded to even touch on forty degrees. In wintertime temperatures can easily drop below zero which means a winter Diamond Fields wedding is definitely not an option. However one visit to the region, and you'll instantly fall in love!

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