Wedding Venues in the Breede River Valley

The Breede River Valley is the fertile stretch of land characterised by the lush green vineyards and shrubbery stretching as far as the eye can see, with nothing but the sound of the babbling river and birds in the trees breaking the silence. The area is infused with fresh country air and a precious tranquility that's commonly associated with just about any wine estate.

Among the many towns and settlements that form part of the Breede River district, Robertson is one of the more popular wedding destinations, and also boasts the world's longest wine route – definitely something to recommend to guests! Aside from the wine lands, the area is also known for its flower farms of which a visit should be penned down on every couple's to-do list. cont...

With the option of getting married at one of Robertson and Worcester's many wine estates or on the river bank of the actual Breede River, getting hitched at a Breede River Valley wedding venue is an unforgettable experience. Some of the wine estates date back to the 1800s and have the beautiful architectural structure and elements to show for it. Other wedding locations in the area include Montague, which is known for its hospitality and more rustic venues, and Swellendam which is famous for the beautiful old church located in the very heart of this quaint town.

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, valleys, vineyards and the odd horse ranch, photo opportunities in the area are boundless and you really have the opportunity to get creative with Mother Nature. Then there's the many historic buildings and sites in Robertson, Worcester and Swellendam which are sure to add an old-world charm to the wedding album. If you're up for a bit of a drive, there's also the option of hopping on the R62 and making a few photo stops along the long and winding road – the ideal way to truly capture the essence of a rustic themed wedding.

While the Breede River district is situated quite a distance from Cape Town, it really is worth the travel. Over the past decade or two, Robertson and Worcester has grown from small rural towns into the largest and most profitable towns in the area. As the towns grew, so did the wedding industry and today they house a range of top-notch wedding service providers between the two of them. Due to the many flower farms in the surrounding region, you might also save a penny or two on your bouquets and arrangements should you appoint a local florist.

Most of the wine estates offer luxury on-site accommodation and pure rejuvenation for the soul while accommodation in surrounding towns and farms is plentiful. With historic towns like Bonnievale and Ashton just around the corner, the area is as rich in scenery as it is in culture. From the acclaimed cheese factory to local attractions like Ronnie's Sex Shop, the area has no shortage of interesting entertainment options, all just waiting to be explored. ...less