Wine and Wine Labels

South Africans love their wine and it’s almost a sure guess that you will be serving wine at your wedding, right? So, why not use the opportunity to serve a South Africa Wine with a personalised wine label. Personalised wine labels allow you, the bridal couple, to show off your personality while also complimenting your wedding theme. On each wine label, you could have a thank you note, a photo of the two of you, a breakdown of the menu, a poem or joke or simply a wine label inviting your guests to write a message on the wine bottle.

The South Africa Wine and Labels companies below will be able to assist and direct you with choosing the right wine for you, your guests and your budget as well as assist you in choosing the perfect wine label that will suit your wedding theme, décor, colours and personality. When preparing your invitations, perhaps make sure to speak to your stationery designer about sharing some ideas for your wine labels too, so everything fits together. cont...

The internet is a great resource for finding ideas on what other bridal couples have done, so do a search for "wedding wine labels" on your preferred search engine and see what you can find! ...less

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