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There are many factors that contribute to the successful outcome of a wedding or an event. Further your career in the events industry by expanding your skills set or get your own events business off the ground with part-time online short courses, presented throughout South Africa by the University of Cape Town and online education company, GetSmarter.

1. UCT Events Management short course

Get skilled in the practical side of coordination, including the design, management and marketing of events - big or small - within the South African culture and context.

2. UCT Digital Photography short course

Get acquainted with your digital SLR camera and learn to operate it with ease and finesse like a true professional South African photographer.

3. UCT Start and Manage a Small Business short course

Master the practical skills required to establish a small business in South Africa, and manage it to grow from strength to strength.

4. UCT Foundations of Graphic Design short course

Get in-depth insight and a comprehensive understanding of graphic design and gain the skills required for basic design work in Adobe Illustrator.

5. Interior Design short course, approved by @home

Obtain the skills you need to decorate interior spaces, and learn to apply this knowledge in a practical sense through 3D models created in SketchUp - an industry recommended program.

6. UCT Internet Marketing short course

Understand the core concepts of online marketing and gain insight into current trends and tools related to managing online marketing campaigns - both internal and outsourced.

7. UCT Project Administration short course

Develop the skills you need to manage projects with success and build a career path in any industries with the help of the most advanced project management tools, tips and techniques.

8. UCT Social Media short course

Gain the practical skills to leverage social media platforms as well as master the tools to boost brand awareness, manage a brand's online reputation and hit all the preset marketing objectives.

9. UCT Marketing short course

Learn to understand the ground rules of marketing to effectively manage the marketing campaigns of any brand or company.

10. UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing

Gain the skills and knowledge related to the marketing of goods, services and ideas across the industrial, commercial and public sectors of the economy, within a South African, African and global context.

11. UCT Advance Postgraduate Diploma in Business Project Management

Develop the sought-after skills in project management that are needed to successfully compete for project management roles in organisations both locally and abroad.

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