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Dizzy Feet Dance Studio opens its doors to bridal couples who dream of a graceful and memorable first dance. We will choreograph something to suit the needs of the couple whether it be slow and romantic or upbeat to start the party. We do not require any prior dance experience or even much co-ordination. We will teach moves at the appropriate level and ensure that the couple will able to dance with confidence.

We understand that a wedding couple’s schedule can be hectic so we put our utmost effort into giving value for time as well as money. We will put together something together in no time that will set a great mood for the rest of the evening.

We believe that the first dance should be wedding dance should become a treasured memory. It is something you will keep forever and can enhance married life.

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  • My husband and I were particularly nervous about our first dance as it’s not something that does not come naturally to us, but thanks to Tim, we ended up having a stress-free, fun and special experience. He made each lesson challenging, but fun! He went above and beyond for us by adapting the routine to suit our style and level, staying late after lessons to help us practice and coming to our complex when we weren’t able to make it to the studio. Tim, your positive attitude, willingness, professional approach and talent for teaching makes you an exceptional dance instructor and I would highly recommend Dizzy Feet Dance Studio to couples and singles of all levels who are interested in expanding their dance repertoire!
  • Our wedding dance went off without a hitch, it was as if we were on an episode of strictly come dancing. We nailed every part of the dance and especially the lift, which kept me and my 2 left feet up at night.
    We only met with Tim for 5 sessions and the fact that we pulled the dance off so spectacularly is testament to how great he is at his job. We couldnt be happier with the result and would recommend Tim to anyone looking to get dancing for whatever reason. I never thought I would say this, but we really enjoyed the dance lessons and even looked forward to them each week. Again testament to how excellent Tim is.
  • We were not natural dancers…at least not when we dance together, but we wanted our wedding day to be something special and surprise everyone with our new dance moves.

    With dizzy feet we got it right, even though we both have left feet, we were taught a series of steps to a song we chose, that not only suited us a couple but also was taught to us in such a manner that gave us the confidence to enjoy our dance without looking stressed.

    What’s more, we learned something for life – a couple of moves that we can combine as we see fit, that will get us through any other couple dances that we might encounter. Thanks Dizzy Feet is assisting us in making our dance and our day a success.

  • Its really great to have some fun time together away from all the wedding stress....dance classes were just that! It also felt great that we were able to execute our dance so well together - a wonderful sense of joint accomplishment that we will definately lean on in our marriage! Its 2 months after our wedding and we are still recieving compliments about our dance.

  • Tim took us on at seemingly the last minute with only 6 weeks to go until the wedding. Even though both of us were a little nervous, he made us feel totally comfortable from the word ‘Go’. Despite our lack of practice of our dance after the first week, Tim pushed forward and kept encouraging us the whole time. His final words to us were, “Just have fun!” which is exactly what we did.

    He is full of energy and really gives his all to make each couple’s dance unique. Two weeks before the wedding we decided to add our 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen into the dance for a less than conventional ‘first dance’.

    Tim didn’t hesitate with the alterations he needed to make and came up with a phenomenal sequence of unforgettable moves that were easy enough for the 12 of us to pull off. Needless to say that not only did our wedding guests love the dance but all 12 of us finished wanting a chance to pull the whole thing off again. Thanks Tim!

  • Dancing lessons at Dizzy Feet was both fun and rewarding.

    All girls love to dance but Liesl is absolutely crazy about it. Unfortunately for me my dancing can only be described as disastrous. Liesl's toes will attest to this.

    Luckily we found Tim who was able to coach us. His patience and good humour combined with his extensive skill and knowledge was more than enough to get us dancing with smiles on our faces.

    We can really recommend Dizzy Feet to couples. Our dance was one of the highlights of the wedding and we enjoyed it as much as our guests.