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Are you considering dance lessons but are worried that you will be pressurized into things that you don’t want, or aren’t comfortable with?

At First Dance you can relax and be assured that your individual needs are met and your concerns taken into account. You will have private lessons with Tony Johnston, a fully qualified registered instructor, who has years of experience with wedding couples and brings passion and integrity to his teaching.

After being given a friendly welcome and put at your ease he will take time to discuss what your needs are. This is your Big Day and it’s all about you, so your concerns and expectations are taken seriously. Working with your own personal music choice, he will choreograph a simple and attainable routine to suit your requirements and abilities and will then work together with you for as many lessons as you feel necessary.

The practical and expert tuition you will receive will soon build your confidence and you can relax, knowing that you will look and feel your best as you grace the floor with your opening dance.

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  • Dear Tony,

    Thank you for choreographing our beautiful wedding dance and for coaching us, we couldn't have done it without you. The dance was absolutely amazing and our guests said that it looked like something from Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version)! Thank you for all your patience and support during the weeks leading up to our wedding, we really appreciate it.

    Best wishes!

    Don and Beth

  • Just wanted to say a great big thank you again for your help with our first dance. We were a bit sceptical initially but your approach works brilliantly!! Everyone was very impressed and enjoyed our ‘performance’. Most important we looked good but had much fun and loved it.

  • So we are getting married and all is going to plan, but there is one thing that is keeping us awake........The First Dance. So we set-off looking for an instructor in Cape Town that will help a couple with very little (pretty much none) experience of dancing with each other. After some phone calls and group lesson considerations we decided on Tony from Lets Dance in Sea Point.........

    He made us feel at ease from the first second we met him and there was plenty of laughs during our classes. We found his advice to be very professional and easy to build on, we really started looking forward to our weekly dancing sessions.  Together we decided on a simple Social Fox Trot with a couple of easy, yet very elegant, steps to keep things interesting and flowing. We were taking it Nice and Easy with Frankie on the sound system. . On our wedding day we were totally relaxed about the First Dance and we moved across the dance floor smiling broadly and enjoying ourselves.

    Tony made us realise that we enjoy dancing together and now you will find us on the dance floor whenever an opportunity arises!!

    Thanks Tony for giving us the steps and confidence to have an unforgettable First Dance!!"

    Once again Tony thank you for being a part of our Big Day!! Will send the photos as soon as we get the 'yes'.

  • We went to Tony with no dance experience at all and ended up with a beautiful first dance for our wedding. We joined Tony's group classes to start, and thoroughly enjoyed learning the variety of dances that Tony taught us. Then, a couple of months before our wedding, we asked Tony to choreograph a dance us. We chose a song we loved, and Tony taught us a simple, yet elegant dance we could master properly and show off our dancing skills with a little flare .The end result was a dance which showed all of our guests our love for one another, and our joy at our marriage. Everyone at our wedding was amazed at how well we danced and we got a grand applause as we ended in each others arms. Thank you very much, Tony, for helping to make our day so special.

  • We had six lessons with Tony before our wedding. He took the time to choreograph a dance that would go with our chosen wedding song, even though it was not the most ideal song to dance to. We had a lot of fun at our dance lessons, and Tony was very patient with our 4 left feet :) The dance turned out beautifully in the end. We certainly would recommend him any time!


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