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I am so delighted to congratulate you on your marriage and wish you a lifetime of wonderful blessings and memories with each other. Being a newly engaged person myself, and looking forward to being married soon, does highlight some of the important factors of a marriage for me.

Taking the time to structure one’s financial future may be a tad too much to ask for when it comes to planning just my wedding day.

But it is an extremely important aspect of having a fruitful life as a married couple.  Knowing that life throws a curve-ball every now and then, means that you as a couple must be prepared, and none more so than financially prepared.

I can assist you as an engaged or married couple in financial planning and living the dream as you go through your life-phases. You where single, now you’re engaged already, then getting married and maybe starting a family of your own. All of this was and will be funded by your ability to protect your most important assets, your health and income.

Not just looking at selling a policy, I will assist you in drawing up a plan that is sufficient for your needs at that specific phase of your life.

Please feel free to contact me for any financial planning requirements, hence it being:

  • To purchase property (credit insurance and household insurance)
  • Drafting a Will & Testament
  • Changing jobs
  • Investing for your future
  • Or being retrenched

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