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WATERFALL COVE is the ALL-IN-ONE; ONE-FUNCTION-ONLY Venue nestled in the Riparian Forest along the banks of the Mid-Crocodile River. Our team aspires to building lifelong relationships with you, combining charm, individuality, dedication, meticulous coordination and planning to ensure your special event runs flawlessly.   

Co-Ordination and Planning

At Waterfall Cove, we know and fully understand the importance of your wedding day. The day must capture your personalities while ensuring the day runs smoothly from start to finish - after all, there's no second opportunity after the big day.

Bridal couples are offered the opportunity of attending 4 - 6 weekly 1.5 hours workshops from the date a booking is made up until the wedding day. Your personal wedding planning / coordinator will meet with you on a Sunday or an evening during the week (after hours / working hours) and, together, will design and plan the upcoming wedding with you.

The coordinator will cover the following elements of your big day:

  • Guest tables
  • Bridal table
  • Cake table
  • Gift table
  • Entrance hall
  • Food serving area
  • Chapel
  • General wedding details
  • Menu planning
  • Time planning
  • Seating plan 
  • Table layout

For the workshops, we will physically set up the guest table, bridal table and chapel benches.

On average it takes 5-8 workshops depending on your theme to design and plan your entire wedding. One month before your wedding we do full re-cap step for step to ensure all details are correct and then once your RSVP’s have been received we will finalise the table layout and seating plan.

One week before your wedding we do the rehearsal; we will walk the walk through all the formalities and obstacles to de-stress you and to set your mind at ease.

Venue Decor

All wedding decor at Waterfall Cove is provided free of charge. Our in-house team is able to set up a variety of wedding themes - all of which can be discussed with us during the wedding planning process.

Perishable items such as candles, batteries for fairy lights, napkin dressings, flowers, personalized stationery, and tissue paper are charged for separately.

We are able to supply organza and taffeta in the colour of your choice. In the event a particular colour is not available, our team will source the colour in taffeta and organza at no extra charge.

For more information on items available in the hiring of Waterfall Cove venue, please get in touch with us.


Accommodation for both guests and the bridal couple are available. The rooms available include:

  • 12 x guest rooms
  • 2 x Family rooms 
  • 1 x Bridal Suite
  • 3 of the guest rooms and the bridal suite are included free on the day and night of your wedding.  

In the event of power outages at the venue, Waterfall Cove has a 60 KVA generator which is on automatic.

Our team has created a ritual amongst bridal couples to work towards and maintain the rehabilitation and maintenance of our river. Each bridal couple plants an indigenous tree on the venue's premises on the day of their wedding (Waterfall Cove's gift to the couple).

Our team will provide the couple with the tree and prepare the area for the planting. The Groom is asked to lift the tree and place in position and Waterfall Cove will do the rest to ensure the tree is secure. 

The Waterfall Cove wedding venue provides the following facilities to its bridal couples:

  • Air-conditioned hall for large or small weddings (includes bar)
  • Chapels (indoor and outdoor available)
  • Guest Accommodation
  • In-house Coordinator
  • Planning, design and coordination monthly workshops
  • Onsite Parking
  • Security
  • Wheelchair Friendly

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