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Graffiti Cakes { Make your Mark }

Graffiti is often frowned upon by the general public, but in the right place and surroundings it becomes an expressive form of personal... More

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Milk Bottles { Quirky Vintage }

While it’s sad that the milkman doesn’t come around to drop off farm fresh milk in bottles anymore, the happy truth is that you can... More

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Door Adornments

The ceremony venue or church door is really the first taste of wedding décor that your guests will get, yet it’s often an area... More

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Glow Sticks { Neon Extravaganza }

If you thought they were only for Halloween and teenage birthday parties, think again! Glow sticks add an element of neon fun to an... More

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Edible Place Cards { Cutesy Candy }

While place cards might seem like a small detail, it’s the one area where you really have an opportunity to make your guests feel... More

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Totes in Love with Oats!

Oats or oatmeal has so many nifty uses, and can be found both in the pantry and among the many beauty essentials on most dressing... More

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Love is Brewing { Coffee Favours }

The coffee trend has certainly picked up significantly over the last couple of seasons, to the point where you might be tempted to... More

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