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If you've ever harboured the thought that sending out a gift registry is somewhat presumptuous, it's about time you truly consider the matter from the guest's perspective and appreciate the value of a well-constructed registry. In truth, a gift registry is about so much more than ensuring that you don't end up with five toasters and two tea sets when you're really more of a coffee person. Instead it's about relieving the ever prominent guest headache of finding a wedding gift that's both suitable in size and value.

Over the past couple of years, the South African wedding registry industry has boomed and, as a result, the traditional gift registry has been rethought, redesigned and revised to give every couple what they desire: Choice! Two of the latest additions to the list of options are the honeymoon and contributions registries. cont...

The Honeymoon Registry: With more couples being unable to afford a lavish and luxurious honeymoon, this type of gift registry has become the increasingly popular choice among brides-to-be. Simply put, a honeymoon registry affords guests the unique opportunity of contributing towards the couple's breakaway and play a significant role in making it an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, by breaking the honeymoon down into bite-sized chunks, guests have the liberty of contributing towards an experience of their choice, such as a candle light dinner, couples massage or a scuba diving course – ultimately making the wedding gift that much more personal.

Contributions registries: The contribution registry is very similar to the general gift register. However, instead of listing a wide selection of affordable odds and ends, the contribution registry focusses on larger appliances and gifts, for instance a new fridge, a stove or a house even. Considering that these gifts are somewhat out of the average guest's price range, the contribution registry allows guests make a cash contribution to one of these more substantial wedding gifts, taking the financial burden off your newlywed shoulders.

Now that you're up to speed with what's hot and happening in terms of the gift registry, it's time to start putting your list of pure prettiness together! ...less



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