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Wedding marquees used to be quite a rare site, and even just locating tents and marquees in South Africa was a mission and a half. These days however, the sheer variety of wedding marquees and tents that are available on the market is absolutely astounding, and you're bound to find every possible shape, colour, size and type of tent-like structure known to man in this section of the site.

While the traditional and enchanting white wedding marquee is as popular as ever, many couples opt for the more contemporary perspex structure which is built of either see-through or opaque panels, or a combination of the two. Then of course there's the Bedouin – probably the most versatile wedding tent of them all, adjustable to fit spaces of any shape or size. cont...

Aside from the fairy tale aspect, wedding marquees are highly practical and can be used to turn any area into the perfect venue. Whether it be extending an existing venue structure, or setting up a venue in the middle of a mystical valley, there's no denying that a wedding tents is worth every penny you'll spend on it.

What makes a wedding tent that much more alluring is its unique blank canvas appeal. With no existing architectural or décor elements in place, a wedding marquee allows you to paint the picture exactly as it exists in your head – from floor to ceiling and ambience to colour scheme, you have complete freedom to set the entire scene for your dream wedding.

Do bear in mind that in South Africa, tents and marquees are treated just like any normal building or structure and must therefore adhere to the same regulations and safety standards. When contacting potential wedding tent and marquee hire companies, be sure to enquire about the certification process and whether there will be any extra costs involved. Once that's out of the way, it's time to set up that wedding marquee and get this party started! ...less

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