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Crafty Table Numbers

Cunning table numbers can add so much to your décor with very little effort or cost. They are also a part of the décor that is often... More

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Singing in the Rain { Silver Linings }

You know your wedding day is extra special when even Mother Nature can’t hold back the tears of joy! In most cultures, rain on the... More

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Wedding Ceremonies: Your “How down” or “Show down”

The normal South African tradition is to have a rushed, in-expensive or dreary wedding ceremony. Perhaps it’s our fantastic whether,... More

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Potential Wedding Disasters

A wedding takes plenty of time, tears and tenacity to plan, but no amount of planning in the world can ensure a perfect event. However,... More

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Tasteful Themed Weddings

Some may be of the opinion that giving a wedding a theme is tasteless or takes away from the importance of the event. However, there... More

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Beautiful Engagement Ideas

Proposing to your significant other is such a special, personal moment that it is not always easy to decide on how best to do it. We... More

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Take Your Wedding Home

Your wedding will likely be one of your largest expenditures to date. Although you may receive some financial help from parents and... More

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