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Given the great success and feedback we received from our Put a Sock In It post last week, we thought we would do another one focusing more on WEDDING FEET and SHOES!

Shoes are a must have accessory for any wedding, but it’s definitely something that gets lost and not always noticed by guests, so for memory purposes, great shots of shoes can be a stunning photo as you will see from the gallery below.

There are so many types of shoes available now-a-days from strapless to pumps to boots to stilettos to gladiators to sandals to takkies to sneakers to slip slops…we can go on…the list is endless!

Shoes are also a creative and fun way to show off your personality. If you are a beach type girl, go for cute slip slops or sandals. If you are a sporty person, go for a funky sneaker or takkie shoe. If you’re a horse lover, you could opt for boots. You get the idea!
Have fun with it and make sure to get those shoes on to ensure no COLD FEET!

  1. Courtesy of Manolo Brides
  2. Courtesy of Hudson River Photography
  3. Courtesy of Namyra
  4. Anthony Peyper Photography
  5. Courtesy of Miss Lovely Gets Married
  6. Courtesy of Janicki Photography
  7. Courtesy of Wedding By Color
  8. Courtesy of Manolo Brides
  9. Courtesy of Camilla Kirk
  10. Courtesy of Flickr
  11. Shannon Lepere Photography
  12. Courtesy of Shannon Lee Images
  13. Courtesy of Jolynne Photography
  14. Courtesy of Manolo Brides
  15. Courtesy of Wedding Bee & Cindy Tattoos
  16. Courtesy of Mi Bride and Groom
  17. Courtesy of The Love Shack
  18. Courtesy of Tesoro Photo

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