Cakes & Bakes { Flamingo Theme }

With summer around the corner, it’s really no surprised that we’ve become obsessed with flamingos! These pink long legged lovelies... More

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Shimmer + Shine { Foil Cakes }

The first time someone suggested foiling wedding invitations, you probably thought “no, foil belongs in the kitchen” – but you... More

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Guest Favours { Wedding Cakes }

One of the reasons that many couples decide against the wedding cake is the fact that the cake often goes uneaten. Perhaps your guests... More

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Delicious Leaves { Cake Inspiration }

Leaves, glorious leaves! Over the last few seasons we’ve fallen in love with leaves all over again – and with the colour of the... More

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Stunning Stencils { Wedding Cakes }

Stencils are generally used for decorating walls or entertaining little kids – but stencils on wedding cakes? That’s a new... More

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Macaroon Majesty { Wedding Cakes }

If you love macaroons almost as much as you love your hubby-to-be, then it makes sense that they should feature sweetly and proudly on... More

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Divine Decadence { Cake Fillings }

Cake, glorious cake! The wedding cake is always a highlight on the wedding programme, and there are so many ways to personalise it to... More

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