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Tips for Wedding Service Providers

Wedding Service Providers can make a difference. Let me give you my side of the story as the customer, maybe then you will... More

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The Perfect Answers to Less Than Perfect Questions

We have all asked inappropriate questions. More importantly, we have all been asked such questions. Usually, we only come up with a... More

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What Never to Say to a Bride or Groom

Many are proud of their steadfast honesty, their “what you see is what you get” personality. Of course, being this sort of person,... More

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Protocol for Inviting Family Members to Your Wedding

Many bridal couples face the challenge of having to cut their desired wedding guest list to be able to accommodate them within a... More

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When Wedding Guests Ask Rude Questions

There always seems to be someone that is completely oblivious to what is impolite or inappropriate to ask. Occasionally, this may be... More

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Family vs Fiancé

There is nothing that puts a damper on your pre-wedding excitement quite like your family not liking the person with whom you have... More

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Dealing with Discrimination

Human beings are, unfortunately, prone to discrimination. Our imperfect nature sometimes leads us into thinking that anything that is... More

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