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Good Enough to Eat { Centre Pieces }

If there’s one pain that every bride is all too familiar with, it’s the battle of choosing the right centre piece. Well, allow us... More

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Flower Crystal Balls ( Whimsical Wonder )

Simply alluring – that’s how one could describe these whimsical creations. The flower crystal ball emerged from the need to... More

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Bouquet Benders { Flower Alternatives }

Flowers aren’t for everyone! Whether you’re allergic to these pretties or simply want something a little more unusual, you’ve... More

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Creative Crates { Instead of Vases }

The flowers make the wedding! While traditional vases are beautiful, striking and elegant, using crates as vases will give your special... More

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Dainty Dandelions { Soft + Whimsical }

We’ve been talking a lot about lucky charms and happy wishes over the last two weeks, and dandelions fall squarely into this... More

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Oh Lovely Olive { Organic + Natural }

Olives! Even if you loathe the fruit, you can’t deny the fact that it’s synonymous with all things organically sophisticated. In... More

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Bouquet Ribbons { Wispy + Whimsical }

We lost our hearts on cascading wedding bouquets a while back, and from that this trend the ribbon bouquet was born. It might sound a... More

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