The lovely rich and warm scent of cinnamon is a favourite among most and reminds one of home and proudly South African home made delights. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon style to your big day with these flavoursome ideas:

  • Make your own scented votive candles or candleholders by tying cinnamon sticks to the outside of a tin can or flat round candle.
  • Flavour the occasion with cinnamon by lighting scented cinnamon candles or using a lovely cinnamon room spray.
  • Instead of chopsticks, decorate your hair bun with a quirky cinnamon stick or two.
  • Make boutonnieres out of cinnamon sticks and tie one to the base of your floral bouquet.
  • Serve a selection of home made cinnamon treats like mini milk tarts,
  • Decorate a crisp white wedding cake with sprinkles of cinnamon or opt for a tower of freshly baked cinnamon buns instead of cake.
  • Tie place cards to sticks of cinnamon and decorate napkins with a stick or two as well.
  • Using cinnamon sticks and twine, build your monograms and other pretty shapes to decorate walls and use as cake toppers.
  • Sprinkle bits of cinnamon down the aisle to release more scent as you step on it.

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