Honeymoon Venues in South Africa

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the honeymoon! Finding the perfect honeymoon venue is really as important as finding the perfect wedding venue, and the list below is sure to make the selection process a whole lot simpler. Thankfully, South African honeymoon destinations are absolutely superb in every way, and some are even ranked as top international holiday locations.

Weddings are expensive and these days many couples make the difficult decision to skip the honeymoon altogether. While this seems like the wise thing to do, taking the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company after this exciting yet nerve-wrecking event is absolutely crucial, even if only for a weekend. Most of the South African honeymoon destinations listed in this section of the site, also offer tailor made packages for the newlywed couple, upon request, so with a bit of planning and negotiation a dream holiday need not cost you a small fortune. Another alternative is to visit the honeymoon registry page, and learn more about planning the perfect wedding holiday with the help of guest contributions. cont...

While organising and choosing the honeymoon venue is generally the groom’s responsibility, it’s important that it lives up to both your individual expectations. If you don’t necessarily enjoy all the same hobbies and pastimes for instance, consider splitting the wedding holiday into phases where you stop off at different honeymoon venues and experience a host of adventures and activities that cover both your interests.

Whichever route you choose, just make sure that the honeymoon doesn’t get lost somewhere between confetti and canapés – so let’s visit some honeymoon venues, shall we? ...less

  • Umbhaba Lodge


    Offering an attractive venue for honeymooners with easy access to Kruger National Park and other pop...