Finding the perfect wedding gift is generally one of a wedding guest's greatest headaches, next to "what on earth am I going to wear?" But fret no more, dear guest, for you've stumbled upon the answer to your dreadful wedding dilemma – a gift box filled with opulence, extravagance and choice.

In this section of the site, you'll find everything from hen party gifts and groom presents, to handcrafted pretties that you’ll want to keep for yourself. Over and above imported loveliness and mass-produced home-ware and goodies, prepare to feast your eyes on an extensive selection of locally crafted South African wedding presents that will make you cry "give me, give me, give me". cont...

Miss bride-to-be, you might also want to consult the vendors below as they’ll be able to assist you in setting up a gift registry and guide your guests in purchasing wedding gifts that you might actually want… as opposed to three toasters and an oven mitt. Furthermore you’ll find a plethora of gift options for the entire wedding party – from the mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaids to the groom and his dashing groomsmen.

We especially covet personalised gifts, which is something that most of these wedding gift vendors pride themselves on offering. From customised wedding songs and printed wine labels, to sentimental photo frames and printed canvases – what better way to spoil a bridal couple or wedding guest than with a little something-something that preserves the memory of this special day? But for now, enough blabber-jabber – it's time to consult the wedding gift experts and fill that digital trolley beyond the point of overflowing. ...less

  • Creations De Splendeur


    A company specialising in the customisation or personalisation of wedding items for your wedding day...

  • The Bridal Box


    A box filled with bridal items; the need-to-haves as a Bride-to-Be and gifts for your special day....

  • Stickaninja


    A small family-run business operating from our little home studio specialise in creating fun, custom...

  • Instant Pot


    Offering the world’s No. 1 selling multi cooker, boasting a variety of smart cooking programs and ...