Wedding Planners in South Africa

Planning a wedding is definitely not everyone's cup of tea and can often put unnecessary strain and stress on the relationship of a newly engaged couple. Appointing a wedding planner is the ideal way to avert the headaches of having to deal with service providers, negotiate rates and last minute hiccups, and rather spending quality time with your husband-to-be. And when you take into consideration that wedding planners in South Africa are some of the most reputable in the international wedding planning industry, it's almost a sin not to make use of this valuable asset.

With so many options and big names out there, deciding on the ideal wedding planner can be quite a daunting task, which is why we've put together an extensive list of highly recommended South African wedding planners. Once you've got a potential planner under the mouse clicker, you'll be taken to his profile page where you can read more about the unique approach, verve, and immaculate style that sets that particular wedding genius apart from the rest. cont...

We've taken great care in organising these top South African wedding planners according to region so you don't have to sprain a finger by scrolling through a never-ending list. While most of these wedding planners are known for travelling around the world to add their Midas touch to foreign wedding celebrations, it's always wise to choose a wedding planner situated in the same region as your wedding venue and service providers to fully benefit from the planner's valuable connections.

When selecting your wedding planner, always look for one whose work shows diversity, innovation and careful attention to detail, and most importantly: trust your instincts. After all, if in your heart you like what you see, you'll most likely love what you get. While it's not always easy to justify the additional cost of appointing a wedding planner, you'll most likely end up saving money in other areas thanks to the his connections within the industry. ...less