Wedding Hair in South Africa

Our hairstyles define us to a certain extent and, when you stop to really think about it, wedding hair is no different. Just like your wedding dress is an expression of your unique style and taste, your bridal hairstyle should be a reflection of your individual personality – whether it's free, whimsical, carefully structured, a little twisted or whatever is suited to you.

In this section of the site, you'll be exposed to the work of top South African hair stylists, most of whom have worked on the international fashion front and been in the wedding industry for many years. While browsing through the impressive portfolios below, keep an eye out for originality and pay careful attention to how well the wedding hairstylist managed to capture the bride's personality in the style; in other words, does the hair match the overall ensemble and does the bride look comfortable? cont...

When choosing a hairstyle, it's important to take the entire ensemble into consideration – from the family heirloom you wish to wear in your hair to the elaborate pair of stilettos that will be gracing your feet. At the end of the day, the perfect wedding hairstyle is one that doesn't draw attention away from the dress or your overall bridal beauty.

While we all have that ideal picture in our minds, your dream bridal hairstyle might not be compatible with the shape of your face or features. It's therefore essential to give your hairstylist the freedom to experiment and create a style that enhances your natural beauty – even if it's nothing like the bridal hair you pictured! For now, clear your mind of all preconceived ideas and have a scroll through the list of wedding hair experts below. ...less

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