Wedding Hiring Services in South Africa

Wondering where Sally found enough typewriters to adorn every one of the tables at her wedding? The answer is of course, wedding hire! These days there's really nothing a bride-to-be can't acquire through wedding hiring services. Here in the wedding hire section of the Celebration site you'll find a range of South African wedding hire companies, offering you everything from tables, chairs and cutlery, to tents, props and so much more.

While you might be tempted to just buy everything from candle holders to cutlery to keep after the wedding, wedding hire can save you more than a penny and a pound in the long run. Before heading out to the shops, browse through the list of South African wedding hire companies below – you might just be pleasantly surprised by the variety of items available through wedding hire. cont...

Once you've had a look at what's out there, start by contacting your venue manager for a list of items included in the rental price of the venue so you don't accidentally employ a wedding hiring services for something you already have. When visiting potential wedding hire agencies, always enquire about things like breakage fees and delivery of the hired items to avoid any nasty surprises later on.

As a precautionary method, consider asking the various wedding hiring services to cater for and accommodate an extra table of guests – this will prevent any awkwardness should an unexpected face or two decide to make a showing. Lastly, don't forget to make arrangements with your maid of honour or best man to have the hired items returned to the various wedding hire companies after the wedding, to avoid having to pay a hefty fine. ...less

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    Wedding floors suitable for us on a variety of surfaces including mud, tar, paving, grass, cobble st...

  • Special Occasions


    Offering brides the opportunity of hiring dresses that are not only beautiful, but also within their...

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    Wedding hiring services offering a variety of furniture and décor to create breathtaking sett...

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    Ensuring your outdoor wedding is unique, beautiful and stylishly protected with modern outdoor umbre...