Wedding Transportation in South Africa

Getting to the ceremony is actually where your new life journey kicks off, which makes the wedding car something of a focal point and a primary point on the to-do list. While booking the car is generally the groom's responsibility, these days many brides prefer to add the bridal vehicle to the growing list of wedding day surprises.

South African wedding transport companies offer a wide selection of bridal vehicle options – from vintage mobiles and more traditional and fairy tale horse and carriage, to sleek contemporary sports models. This gives you yet another opportunity to really reinforce the theme of the wedding, whether it be vintage, contemporary, laid-back or whatever comes to mind. cont...

While companies provide their own drivers and chauffeurs, you might prefer to have someone special “get you to the church on time”, in which case it can be arranged upon special request. Important to remember, is to supply the wedding car driver with an exact schedule of the day’s events as well as addresses, so that you’re not left hitch-hiking to the ceremony venue.

Vintage cars are especially popular these days, so if you have your eye on a specific beauty, be sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Bear in mind that not all wedding car hire companies allow guests to indulge in post-wedding bridal vehicle decoration, so be sure to inquire if this is something your friends are quite adamant about. For now, let’s scroll down and take a drive through the wedding car hire section of the site. ...less