Ministers and Officiants in South Africa

Placing the seal on a marriage is a very honourable and privileged task, which makes finding that perfect minister or marriage officiant is an even more important point on the agenda. In fact, one might even say that, of all the vendors and service providers present on your wedding day, the ceremony spokesperson is the most influential and significant member of the party.

Due to the spectacular tapestry of cultures and religions that exist within South Africa, ministers and marriage officiants these days often specialise in an equally broad spectrum of denominations. So regardless of your faith or beliefs, it goes without saying that you'll find a minister to put the seal on your marriage right here in this section of the site. cont...

Aside from delivering a moving sermon on the day of the wedding, the minister takes care of all the tedious legal documents that are required to make your marriage legally binding. What's more, most marriage officiants offer pre-wedding counselling for engaged couples upon request, which is a great plus if you're looking to build a solid starting post for the journey ahead.

Because the minister will play such a defining role in the flow of your special day, it can't hurt to forge a relationship with the him or her before the big day; and the more effort that goes into creating this bond, the more special, personal and memorable the marriage officiant in question can make your wedding ceremony. But for now, let's leave the talking to the minister! It's time for you to scroll down, start browsing and making that call. ...less