Bridal Accessories in South Africa

When it comes to bridal accessories, less really is so much more! This section of the site is a lavishly embellished jewellery box of the most beautiful and treasured pieces imaginable, each prettier and more perfect than the last.

The term "bridal accessories" includes everything from your veil, necklace and delicate hair fascinator, down to the glittering bracelet around your wrist. The more out-there bride might even opt for a cute little wedding hat or elaborate pair of stockings – only a couple of the "wow" items you'll come across when browsing this section of the site! cont...

In terms of design and quality, South African bridal jewellery and accessories are definitely a cut above the rest! These creatively gifted designers are worth their weight in gold and pride themselves on creating quality pieces that are meticulously design to suit each bride's unique taste and style.

When choosing bridal accessories, it's important to remember that every piece ultimately forms part of the bigger picture. It's therefore crucial to plan your bridal ensemble like a well-balanced work of art, down to the smallest detail. If you have a particular wedding accessory that you'd like to wear on the big day – whether it be a family heirloom or your something blue or borrowed – it's best to plan your outfit around it, rather than adding the accessory as an afterthought.

While you'll never be able to strut your stuff in your wedding dress again, bridal accessories are something that can, and really should, be worn again and again. Hence, if you're on a tight budget, it's advisable to opt for a more affordable wedding dress or even a rental option, and then jazzing it up with quality wedding accessories. But now, darling – less chatting and more accessorising! ...less