Bridesmaid's Dresses in South Africa

Next to the groom, your bridesmaids are crucial to the success of your big day. Not only are they your support system, they are there to ensure the day is memorable for you, your family and your guests. When choosing the bridesmaid's dresses, there are a considerations one must keep in mind to ensure your bridesmaids are not only happy, but comfortable.

South Africa has varying climates, so when choosing your bridesmaids dresses, keep in mind the location and climate. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you ideally should not opt for a bridesmaid dress that is a formal, full length dress, but rather a dress that is more casual, loose, cool and more comfortable when being on the beach. cont...

Consider your bridesmaid's body shapes for the dresses. This may be easier said than done, especially when you have bridesmaids with completely different shapes. Make sure to speak with your bridesmaids and perhaps find a way to complement all body shapes in one style or have similar styles in the same colour combos, but still complement each of their body shapes.

Then, there's budget! Consider your budget before you go ahead and choose the bridesmaids dresses. Set a budget before you start shopping around otherwise you may just get carried away. Remember, the dresses are not to outshine your dress.

A bonus tip regarding the dresses for the bridesmaids (one you and your bridesmaids will thank us for): opt for dresses that your bridesmaids can wear again after the wedding. This is most definitely the most practical and best solution all round. And, the best part is that every time they wear the dress, they will remember your beautiful day…now, how cool is that?! ...less