Antenuptial Contracts in South Africa

Wedding paper work and antenuptial contracts are hardly the most exhilarating part of the wedding planning process, and can be quite painful and tedious if you don't have any knowledge on the subject. Appointing a professional counsellor is therefore critical in ensuring that you've covered all your bases, and that you're not only emotionally ready to tie the knot, but legally as well

In this section of the site, you'll find numerous well-respected South African marriage lawyers, or rather lawyers who specialise in all things matrimonial. These highly skilled and experienced professionals will be able to assist you with any type of legal wedding contracts and paperwork that might be weighing on the back of your mind, taking the pressure off your heavily laden shoulders.

Antenuptial agreements are renowned for being quite a tender topic – not something any couple wants to think about when they can hardly bear the thought of spending an hour apart. It's important to realise however, that the only time the antenuptial agreement will come into play, is when you’re standing in the divorce court. Hence, let it never be said, “If you really love me, you wouldn't expect me to sign a legal agreement”. cont...

Marriage is a big step as it is – giving up life as you know it to share in a brand new journey with a person whom you hope to spend forever with. Luckily, with so many ways in which to customise a legal wedding contract to your fancy, there's really no reason to fear the future – after all, if a simple antenuptial agreement can make the prospect of marriage less daunting, why wouldn’t you want to sign on the dotted line? ...less