Wedding Caterers in South Africa

Welcome to what is probably the yummiest section of the Celebration site! Choosing a wedding caterer is certainly one of the most important tasks on the bridal to do list and requires quite a bit of thought, negotiating and of course, tasting. Now is the time to push the planning books aside, sit back with hubby-to-be by and indulge in sample bites by some of the country's leading chefs – a bit of guilt-free downtime that you can safely call “research”.

In the greater scheme of things, South African caterers are definitely in a league of their own, combining local flavours with international tastes and and culinary techniques. The homegrown wedding caterers in this section of the site are espeically renown for their finely tuned kitchen skills, creating culinary masterpieces and marrying flavours that tantalise the tastebuds without fail. cont...

As just about any acclaimed event planner or foodie will tell you, good food means the difference between a happy and a grumpy guest, so even if you're on a tight budget, food is definitely not the place to skimp. Instead, focus on giving your wedding caterer the exact head count to keep him from over catering and choose filling foods rather than expensive and dainty bites.

When deciding on wedding food, chefs generally advise their couples not to get too caught up in the individual whims and fancies of guests. Rather focuss on what the two of you enjoy sinking your teeth into and choose simple foods that the majority of your guests will like. ...less

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    Wedding caterers, known as one of the finest catering teams in the Winelands, committed to providing...