Every wedding needs a cocktail bar! While that is not entirely true, it does add an element of fun to the celebration and even the butchest man won’t turn down a well-made mojito. Move away from the traditional bar set up with a bar that’s as fun as the drinks it dispenses:

  • Convert an old vintage dresser into a bar, to really capture that old world charm.
  • Create a self-service bar with the cocktails displayed in stunning glass decanters.
  • Serve drinks on the back of an old truck or retro bakkie!
  • Make a bar counter using two stunning wine barrels and a slab of wood on top.
  • Pair each cocktail with a gourmet canapé, and have different taster tables with cocktails and matching snacks.
  • Remember: Men don’t drink pink drinks! Instead of only cocktails, make sure you’ve got some craft beer options as well.
  • Hire a cocktail expert and set up a bar where guests can mix their own speciality drinks or order premade ones.
  • Instead of bubbly, toast your new marriage with a cocktail of your choice.
  • Get creative with cocktail glasses and serve the drinks in mason jars, mugs, paper cups or beer mugs.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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