You don’t have to French to enjoy a good slice of French toast! While it’s probably more customary to serve this scrumptious treat at a morning wedding or brunch with the entourage, there’s no reason why you can’t push the limits a little bit and have it anytime of day.

Traditionally French toast is served with a little something sweet, like honey, jam or chocolate spread, but we also love the idea of putting a savoury spin on this old favourite. Think salmon, brie, creamy mushrooms and a whole list of your favourite toppings.

  • Serve French toast skewers, complete with mini French toast bites, strawberries and chocolate truffles lined up on the stick.
  • Instead of the customary omelette station, set up a French toast station where guests can choose their own toppings, whether sweet, decadent or more savoury.
  • Make French toast roll-ups with a variety of interesting fillings – ideal as finger food or canapés.
  • Spoil your guests with cute little French toast kits consisting of a freshly baked mini bread loaf, two farm-fresh eggs and a mini jar of jam or a piece of delicious cheese.
  • Play around with cookie cutters and create interesting shapes with French toast, that tie in with your wedding theme.
  • Serve mini honey “shots” during canapés, with mini French toast bites balanced on the rim of each shot glass.
  • Make French toast out of different types of breads and sponge cakes to put a decadent spin on the traditional.

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