Serving welcome drinks and cocktails in mason jars is a trend that has steadily taken over the bridal world – but it would seem that this was merely the beginning! The next step in the evolution of jars is, you guessed it, mouthwatering desserts. So let’s look at a couple of pointers and ideas for filling these jars with pure decadence:

  • When serving dessert, supply guests with the lids of the jars so that they have the option of taking the desserts home – especially since they might not have an appetite for the sweet stuff after a hearty main course.
  • Transparent jars are ideal for showing off the beautiful layers of a cake or dessert.  Opt for tantalisingly ombre layered cakes, decadent trifles, layered mousses or even healthier granola-and-yogurt parfaits that match the colour scheme of your wedding.
  • Tie a tag around the neck of each jar with a thank you note written on it, turning the jarred dessert into a guest favour. You can even take it a step further and have your jars branded with personalised wedding labels.
  • If decadent cakes and desserts don’t really strike your fancy, consider baking scrumptious muffins, pies or mini bread loaves in the jars instead.
  • Stack the jars on a cake stand to ultimately replace the need for a tiered wedding cake.
  • If you’re not much of a baker, fill the jars with a dry ingredient premix for your favourite cake, dessert or cupcake recipe, and include baking instructions on the tag or label.
  • Don’t forget about cookies! We simply love the idea of filling a jar with cookies, chocolate and marshmallows, turning it into a mini smores kit which guests can enjoy at home.

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