pizza pops for weddings

Pizza pops are really mini pizzas on a stick. This lip-smacking canapé idea is bound to go down well with guests of all ages and sizes, because who doesn’t love pizza, right? Served hot out the pizza oven or cold with a beer/mojito, pizza pops turn a regular fast food into something that will have your guests talking for months after.

Maybe you shared a pizza on your first date, or perhaps you have a Friday pizza night tradition – whatever the reason you choose to include it in the wedding fare, you really can’t go wrong. Here are a couple of ways with Italian dough pops:

  • To add a bit of variation, opt for margarita pizzas on a stick, and serve these tasty nippers with a range of pesto’s, hummus and dips. This makes it easier to cater to the various tastes of your guests.
  • Turn the pizza pops into a more interactive activity – for instance, why not have a mozzarella cheese fondue with cooked pizza dough bites and all the traditional pizza trimmings for delicious dipping?
  • Arrange the pizza bites on a tiered pop-stand that’s shaped like a wedding cake – a lovely savoury alternative, if you’re not much of a sweet tooth.
  • Instead of skewer sticks, use cheese straws or bread sticks so that the entire pizza pop is edible – less of a mess!
  • Play around with the shape of the pop – opt for pizza roll-ups, flat mini pizzas or even mini triangular “slices” propped up on the stick.
  • Set out all the ingredients for a mini pizza fest and allow guests to build their own and cook it over an open fire. Alternatively thread all the ingredients onto long skewer sticks and wrap the pizza dough around it to keep it in place during the cooking process.
  • If you’re planning a classy affair (with no room for pizza), make it part of the kiddies’ menu!

Chat to your wedding caterer about different ways you can serve or have Pizza Pops at your wedding!

For the more Pizza Pops ideas, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Pizza Pops Pinterest Board!


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