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So Very Vegan { Menu Tips }


If you’re a seasoned vegan, you probably don’t need much help in this department. However if you’re new to the lifestyle or expecting vegan guests at your wedding (and panicking a little bit), we’ve got some tips for choosing the right menu that ticks all the right boxes:

  • Choose a venue that’s “vegan friendly” and already has an eco-friendly value system in place. This is often easier than trying to enforce a vegan mindset on a non-vegan restaurant and venue.
  • Don’t try to adapt your non-vegan menu to please the vegans – this will only result in a disappointing second-rate meal. Instead, ask your caterer to design a separate gourmet vegan menu – it doesn’t matter if it’s entirely different to the standard menu.
  • Look beyond your venue for catering. If your chosen venue doesn’t do vegan catering (or doesn’t do it WELL), don’t think twice about hiring an outside vegan catering company.
  • Don’t let animal products slip in. When it comes to preparing vegan menu options, remind your non-vegan catering company of what classifies as vegan and what not. It’s easy for non-vegans to forget that small things like stock and cream don’t fit the bill!
  • Be willing to make sacrifices. There aren’t vegan alternatives for ALL treats and delights, so instead of opting for semi-satisfying vegan imitations of your favourite cookie, rather go for something that’s vegan at heart AND tastes good.
  • Be upfront with your guests. If you’re both vegans, consider having a full vegan menu – it is your special day after all. Just be honest with guests so they know what to expect, and stress how important this is to you as a couple.

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