wedding french fries

Here’s another good ol’ favourite that’s made an impressive comeback to the wedding buffet tables. French fries are a universal favourite and ideal for soothing grumbling bellies after a long ceremony. Here are a couple of ways to serve them in a more creative fashion than the local drive-through:

With an interesting twist:

  • Serve baked wedges instead of fries, or consider mixing potato with sweet potato chips.
  • Instead of straight-cut American style fries, serve flat round chips, crinkle cut or or crunchy potato shavings, or go all out with potato twirls on a stick.
  • Add fresh basil leaves or dust the fries with dried herbs for a more organic take on these contemporary fried bites.
  • Serve ‘em up with mini milkshakes! If you’ve never dipped a fry in a milkshake, you simply haven’t lived.
  • For a real South African wedding, serve mini portions of fish and chips on wooden boards, or serve them with mini hamburgers for a more authentic American style wedding.

In unique containers:

  • Mini metal cans or branded cans, e.g. Koo, All Gold, Lucky Star, etc.
  • Paper cones – newspaper, baking paper and patterned wax lined paper.
  • Personalised little paper cups or McDonalds-shaped fries containers.
  • Tall shot glasses or martini glasses with condiments resting in the bottom.
  • Massive buckets of fries where guests can nibble and fill up smaller containers.

Original photos and credits available on Pinterest.