hot dog weddings

A hot idea? Yes, we definitely think so! As a classic favourite, the hot dog is the perfect embodiment of the current trend of “revamping that which we know and love” – and it’s light on the pocket! Perhaps you grabbed a hot dog on your first date or maybe hubby just really wants “good grub” at the wedding – either way, hot dogs put a fun and playful twist on any occasion.

Note: Bear in mind that not all guests necessarily eat meat or sausage for that matter, so have veggie rolls or vegetable skewers on standby. But first, a couple of mouth-watering hot dog ideas:

  • Rent a vintage hot dog cart or stand and serve mini hot dogs and chips during canapés.
  • Set up a gourmet hot dog station where guests can pick and choose from a variety of interesting toppings such as caramalised onion, sweet chilli cream cheese and bacon bits.
  • We love the idea of serving a late night snack to fill the grumbling bellies of your party guests, and hot dogs fit the bill just perfectly, don’t you think?
  • If you’re planning a more intricate menu, consider putting hot dogs on the kiddie menu – they’ll love you for it!
  • Serve hot dogs that are inspired by different countries or cultures – for instance German hot dogs with sauerkraut, South African “boerie rolls” with chutney or straight up New York style hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.
  • For your wedding photo session, recreate a cliché movie moment where girl meets boy at a hot dog cart or a share a hot dog on a park bench.

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