wedding pie pops

If you thought cake pops were the cutest thing you’d ever seen, you obviously haven’t bitten through the buttery crust of a pie pop. Having popped up on the wedding scene not so long ago, the pie pop is exactly what you think it is – a mini pie on a stick, in other words the pie version of the cake pop.

Pie pops are the ideal sweet yet not-too-sweet dessert table filler. From jam and fruit mince to chocolate ganache and creamy custard – the filling options are virtually endless! For a more interactive experience, set up a chocolate fountain where guests can add a dash of extra decadence by dipping the little pies in melted chocolate.

However, these goodies are not only the ideal dessert option, but can make the most perfect and talked about canapés or starters. Simply fill them with savoury stuffing like chicken, spinach, feta, cream cheese, ham, bacon and mince – whatever your heart desires! Thanks to their versatility, they’ll satisfy each and every craving, whim and fancy. In this case, serve with a variety of dips or a cheese fondue for an added dollop of fun yumminess.

Other pie pop ideas include:

  • Place settings: Simply attach your guests’ names to the skewer sticks.
  • Pop bouquets: Prop the pie pops in between the flowers of the table arrangements.
  • Guest favours: Wrap the little pie in cellophane and send each guest home with a pop or three.
  • Play around with all shapes ‘n sizes: Hearts, flowers, stars and clouds – too much fun!
  • Wedding cake alternative: Rope in your hubby-to-be to build a tiered pie pop stand.
  • Cake toppers: Make a “his” and “hers” pie pop and use it as wedding cake topper.

For more Pie Pop Ideas for your wedding, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Wedding Pie Pops Pinterest Board!


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