Today’s post is goes out to all the grooms-to-be! Assembling your line of groomsmen is actually a much greater and important task than we often care to admit. Now, guys aren’t the touchy-feely kind, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into how you’re going to pop the second most important question in terms of the wedding day.

Remember: These are your closest and most treasured friends, and this is your one opportunity to make them feel valued and important before you take over the limelight for your wedding day. So let’s look at a couple of creative ways in which you can get your wing-men on board:

  • Have your big question printed on a label and attach it to a bottle of your favourite beer or wine.
  • Cigars are all the rage this season, so wrap your note around a fat Cuban and light up once you get the “yes” from all of your mates.
  • Present your groomsmen with the bowties or engraved brooches that they’d be wearing on the day.
  • Have special beer mugs made engraved with a message along the lines of “drink up and suit up”.
  • Pay a visit to the stationery designer who’ll be managing your wedding day and ask them to create a suit greeting card.
  • Make up a groomsman kit complete with bowtie, cigar, mini bottle of vodka and so forth.
  • Have beer coasters made, with each groomsman’s name printed on it along with a personal message.
  • For something a little more sophisticated, have each groomsman’s name engraved on a mini whisky flask or visit a local jeweler and buy each wing-man a medallion – their very own pair of wings.

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