Sometimes tradition has to make way for trendiness – as in the case of the classic boutonniere. Flowers are classic, but these days it’s all about seeing how much creativity you can possibly put into this four-inch suit decoration.

  • Draw inspiration from your hubby’s hobby. If he’s into golf use a golf tee; if he’s still a child at heart, opt for a green army guy, superhero figurine or Lego man.
  • Use succulents, wheat-ears or billy balls to go with a more rustic themed wedding.
  • If you’re saying “I do” on the beach, create a boutonnière out of dried corral, bits of driftwood or fisherman’s rope.
  • Instead of real flowers, make paper-, button- or fabric flowers, or crochet a blossom with your own two hands.
  • There are few things as charming as a tiny bundle of guinea fowl feathers or a single peacock feather pinned to a suit.
  • Add a little flavour to the gathering by using herbs like mint or rosemary or something a little more colourful like a bright red chilli or cherry.
  • Match up your grooms men with the bridesmaids by choosing flowers matching the dresses.
  • Use candy instead of flowers – old-fashioned toffees (in their wrappers of course) or rainbow lollies are perfect, sweet and incredibly quirky.


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