The wedding registry is a fabulous tool for the bridal couple to ensure that they get gifts that they want and need from their friends and family. However, most of the items on this registry are usually aimed at the bride or the home, particularly the kitchen. This means that, while the groom-to-be can appreciate that those necessary essentials are no longer for his expense (or that of the couple), there is seldom something just for him. And it must be remembered that this is his big day too. He deserves every bit as much pampering and ceremony around the occasion as his lovely bride-to be.

For this reason, services such as are becoming increasingly popular. On here, guests and family members can find thousands of gifts that are ideal for men. In addition, the groom can set up his own registry of wedding gifts that he would like to receive, making it even easier for his friends and family to get him something really special.

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. While scouring the seemingly-endless list of options for prospective husbands, we found the following items that are guaranteed to get him smiling from ear to ear:

  • An all-in-one egg cooker, muffin maker and toaster – one machine to make his whole breakfast!
  • A cocktail-making kit, complete with a mixer and recipe book
  • A stainless steel barbecue kit (tongs, grid, gloves, apron and so on)
  • A cookbook especially for him (although these usually contain barbecue recipes, guests will need to know the groom and his preferences before deciding on the particular style of cookbook for him)
  • A Weber
  • A voucher for a camping store or a clothing outlet for men
  • An outdoor grill (gas or barbecue – men love standing around the grill while sipping on a cold beer and chatting to the guys)
  • A Leatherman or pocket knife (the more gadgets on it, the better)
  • Camping equipment (sleeping bags, battery-powered lights, cooler boxes, etc…)
  • Leather barbecue gloves
  • A GPS (Global Positioning System – we know how men ‘love’ to ask for directions)
  • Fish-filleting knives (especially if he catches his own fish)
  • A torch
  • A generator
  • A hammock (there are ones that need to be hung as well as hammocks that have their own stand, meaning that they are portable and convenient)
  • Gimmicky beer mugs (these may have funny sayings on them or have a 1-litre capacity, for example)
  • A digital camera or video camera
  • A good-quality poker set
  • A bar fridge (of course, a well-stocked bar fridge is even better)
  • Stylish car seat covers
  • A comprehensive home improvement book
  • Fishing rods
  • Designer cuff links
  • Xbox / Playstation / Wii games (find out what he likes by asking his friends or future wife)
  • A biltong slicer
  • A kitchen knife set (if he enjoys cooking)
  • A personal breathalyser kit so that he can ascertain his alcohol levels before getting in the car
  • Hydration bags for avid cyclists / sportsmen
  • Binoculars
  • Golf clubs, equipment or gimmicks
  • Power tools
  • An old-fashioned / vintage popcorn maker
  • An MP3 player or iPod
  • A bar table and chairs (if he is planning on having his own bar area)
  • A luxurious bathrobe and slippers (this is something men are not likely to buy themselves, but will always enjoy)

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