Your wedding day will forever be immortalised in the form of hundreds of photographs. It is worth a few pre-wedding beauty preparations to look and feel your best on this big day. The following tips and procedures are sure to make you look revitalised, healthy and fit:

  • Shave – the scruffy look may give you that ragged manliness in everyday life, but does not compliment the pristine beauty of your bride at all. Neither will it reflect well in 10 or 20 years’ time, when you look back at your wedding photos. Therefore, shave on the morning of your wedding. If you have a moustache or beard with which you are especially attached, trim it neatly. It is preferable to get this done in a salon for the best results. If you are going to shave yourself, put a hand towel in hot water, ring it out quickly and place this on your face. This will open your pores and soften the hair before shaving. Warm shaving cream is optimal and a brand new blade essential.
  • Hair preparation – do not opt for the cheapest haircut. Spend extra if it means getting the perfect do. Look at high-end salons, not informal people that ‘can’ cut hair as a hobby. Have a look at various male celebrities and websites that have a range of men’s styles to decide what you would like to sport on your wedding day. Preparation is key. If you like the styles gels or mousses that the stylist uses on your hair, ask them what they did so that you can emulate the look in future.
  • Nails – It is vital that your nails be clean, neat and short for your wedding day. There will be photographs of your hands to showcase your wedding ring as well as many guests asking to see them. So, use this opportunity as an excuse to be pampered in the salon with a very masculine manicure. Many salons offer manicures especially for men, which usually include a hand massage (surprisingly relaxing) and the cleaning, trimming and buffing of your nails. This manicure should, under no circumstances, include nail polish.
  • The perfect smile – your teeth may be slightly discoloured, especially if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, tea or red wine. Be especially camera-friendly by seeing the dentist well in advance and undergoing a teeth-whitening process. In addition to looking great on your wedding day, this will boost your confidence in everyday life. If your teeth are not badly discoloured, consider using a home-whitening kit or whitening strips instead.
  • Weight – if you feel a little frumpy, start an exercise programme about three to six months before your wedding day to shed those extra pounds or kilograms. If losing weight is your ultimate goal, cardio will work best. This can be done in the gym or by running around your neighbourhood and playing a game of touch rugby with the boys on weekends.
  • Breath – if you suffer from bad breath, visit your dentist a few weeks before your wedding and discuss your alternatives with him or her. It will likely involve mouth wash, flossing and regular brushing as well as a possible change in diet. There are also oral neutralisers available, which are very effective in combating halitosis. Do not rely simply on gum as this will not do the trick. In addition, it does not look good for a groom to be chewing gum while saying his vows!
  • Sweating – you will likely be wearing a suit, combining this with nerves and a little running around to be at the wedding venue on time. If you are concerned about sweating, try to wear a loose, cotton shirt. In addition, wearing a vest underneath may be effective in absorbing some of the sweat before it makes marks on your clothing. Wear a good quality anti-perspirant so that you do not smell sweaty. If you are sweating excessively while trying to get dressed, stand on a wet towel.

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