Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. At the best of times, they return from a trip to the shops with an eclectic array of sportswear, sugar coated buts and computer gadgets. So, to decide on wedding gifts for the very special friends and / or family of the groom can be a daunting task, particularly if you are intending to get them all the same gift with a personal touch. However, the key to buying gifts for men is to keep them 1) functional and 2) simple. Very few men appreciate overly opulent or ornamental gifts, regardless of the stark nature of their bachelor pad.

It is important that the groomsmen are made aware of your appreciation for their participation in this event, but that they are also able to enjoy their gift at their leisure. Towels are popular choices for gifts, as they are something that men tend not to spend their own money on, but that most enjoy when luxurious and tasteful. Remember to choose more masculine colours and patterning. Also appropriate are stylish shaving kits, formal ties (but not hankies or socks!), and tasteful aftershaves.

While these have earned their status as being popular because they are useful and relatively well-received by men across the board, they are not very original. Therefore, if you know each of your groomsmen well, and with some heartfelt input from the groom, you can use insight and initiative to get each groomsman a personal gift that can be enjoyed and appreciated in the spirit in which it was given. Tickets to watch his favourite rugby team or vouchers for a clothing shop he favours reflect your knowledge of his personal tastes, as would a contribution to his kitchen or garage that he would, perhaps, not have bought himself.

Other ideas for your groomsmen are:

  • Shot Glasses
  • Cigars
  • Alcohol
  • Bottle Openers
  • Flasks
  • T-shirts
  • Cuff links

A fantastic way to thank the groomsmen is to sponsor a boy’s weekend away for all of the groomsmen and the groom himself. A hunting / surfing / fishing weekend away from the hustle and bustle that defines the life of many bachelors may be exactly what they need to relax and remember the important things in life with their closest friends and, perhaps, family. Being a brand new wife, you may be hesitant to lose your husband to a “boy’s weekend”. Use this opportunity to spoil yourself and your girl friends with spa treatments and DVD’s, while the men enjoy an important treat.

There is usually not the expectation among groomsmen to receive a gift after their contribution to your wedding day. If you ensure that their gift is heartfelt and personally relevant, they will likely treasure the event as an unforgettable memory as they appreciate the true value of their friendship with the groom and his new partner in life.


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