The groom’s choice in groomsmen is often not as political or deliberate as the bride’s choice of bridal party members. The groomsmen are often selected as such based simply on the fact that they are either the best friend or brother of the groom. The groomsmen are the support structure for the soon to be husband If you have been appointed to this esteemed position, it is vital that you act as friend and confidante to him during the months before the wedding, as well as during the actual ceremony and reception. This includes assisting in menial duties such as directing the couple’s parents to find their seats, or carrying crates of mineral water into the reception or wedding venue.

For most men, colours and textures are not at the top of their list of priorities when selecting a tuxedo for their wedding day. Your duty will be to respect and support the bride’s requests and colour scheme and to ensure that you and the groom are appropriately donned on the day. As you both step out of the changing rooms in powder blue cravats with floral embossing, your role of being the supporting friend will be especially appreciated.

As a groomsmen, it’s incredibly important that you attend pre-wedding events, parties and gatherings with the groom to ensure that before the big day, you are able to share and assist with the various experiences. You are likely to be approached with questions and suggestions before the groom is, so stay informed and only disclose the necessary information, respecting the groom’s privacy and the possibility of him wanting some of the plans to remain a surprise.

In addition to the above, you (and any other groomsmen) are responsible for organising and contributing (financially) towards the bachelors or what is also referred to as the stag night. This is the groom’s night and he requires care and a sober driver for the entire duration of the evening. By staying sober and taking photographs at the stag night, you are able to provide him with a meaningful memory of the night.

It is also important to be well-behaved at the wedding reception so that wedding photographs and guest experiences do not reflect a group of drunken, disorderly gents hanging around the groom and hitting on the bridesmaids. If you are giving a speech, show responsible respect by delivering a well-prepared speech that does not embarrass guests or the bridal couple inappropriately.

You may also be required to be available to assist with various responsibilities before and during the wedding reception. Such duties may include escorting bridesmaid in and / or to the bridal table, smiling appropriately for the wedding photos, and packing the cars at the end of the evening. While the groom enjoys his honeymoon, you may also be required to return all tuxedos or suits to the rental company.

Although men are not known for their extensive communication needs, your role will be one of getting to know the ins and outs of the groom’s experience so that any fears or complications can be dealt with effectively, and by you, a close friend or brother. This will undoubtedly prove your commitment to him, and assure him that his choice in groomsman was a wise one.

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