Some say it’s a mature steak, other say it’s a good suit – we say it’s beer! We’re of course talking about the manliest thing on earth, and beer ticks all the right boxes. Then again, maybe we’re just smitten with the idea of personalised beer labels – either way, both bride and groom can win in this scenario.

The rise of craft beer has encouraged many a bride to incorporate beer into the wedding day celebrations. And if you’re going to have unique beer, you may as well have unique beer labels. For starters you can personalise the labels with your wedding monogram or wedding date, or use one of your engagement photos in the label design instead.

Another excellent option is to print each label with a particular guest’s name, and use that as guest favours and place name tags. Alternatively play around with quirky phrases like “I do brew” or “Love is brewing” to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

If ten crates of personalised beer is a bit more than your budget can handle, reserve it for the guests of honour – for instance, clink a bottle with the groomsmen before the day. To make it even more of a special event, pull the bride and groom’s fathers into the mix.

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