Many couples feel that having children share in the celebration of their union actually makes their big day all the more magical. This is a completely personal decision, and every couple needs to be respected for the choice that they make.

If you have chosen to include the little ones of your friends and family members, you will need to keep them occupied. This is not merely to keep them ‘out of your hair’, so to speak, but also ensures that the children will have fun, enjoying your day in their own special way.

Here are some tips for the care and entertainment of children at your wedding:

  • Have a room dedicated to the young ones. Fill it with activities, games, comfortable chairs and places to sleep. Hire a responsible babysitter to be present at all times, helping children to play the games and ensuring that they are all warm, fed and safe.
  • If you prefer to have them in your actual reception venue, assign a special table to the young ones at which your sitter will be placed too. The sitter should entertain and distract them, perhaps with face paint or colouring-in books.
  • Involve the children in the event by inviting them to dance, asking them to prepare a song for the bride and groom or giving them specific chores (e.g. handing out the guest favours).
  • Ask the parents to have their children sit at their table and care for them throughout the event.
  • Arrange for special meals to be served to the young ones so that they can enjoy these (a child is more likely to enjoy a cheesy pizza than even the most delicious baked fish).

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