The wedding guest book is an old tradition that acts as a beautiful keepsake for after the wedding. But just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up! Nowadays there are plenty of ways to add a modern twist to the guest book, so we figured we’d round up a couple of our favourite ideas:

  • Invest in a beautifully handcrafted garden bench, and allow guests to carve their well wishes into the wood.
  • Let your guests write their words of wedding day wisdom on little wishing stones which you can display in a beautiful glass vase on your coffee table.
  • If you’re into games, set out a large stack of Jenga tiles on which guests can write and carve their wishes.
  • We’re still smitten with the finger print poster! Display a large canvas on an easel and let your guest imprint it with ink.
  • Ask your mother or grandmother to sew a giant blank quilt so that each guest can personalise one of the blocks.
  • Most photobooth companies these days offer the option of a photo guest book, wherein guests stick their photos as they pop out the printer.
  • Enlarge one of your favourite engagement shoot pictures, and let your guests sign it.

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