Just about everyone’s on Instagram these days and, let’s be honest – your wedding day is definitely going to be an Instagram worthy event! What makes this platform so effective is that it allows you to see the wedding day through your guests’ eyes – which also means you’ll have far more photos of your special day from angles that your photographer might not be able to capture.

While cell phones at a wedding can be intrusive, it’s impossible to discourage guests from snapping pictures – so the best you can do is to embrace it and control it by putting your own perimeters in place:

  • Make signs: Have signs printed with your unique hashtag and place it around key areas which you’d like guests to Instagram – for instance, at the entrance of the ceremony, on the dessert buffet, next to the wedding cake, and so forth.
  • Custom hashtags: This is a great way to “group” all your guests’ pictures together so that you can have easy access to them.
  • Think creatively: Aside from signs, print your hashtag on other elements like drink stirring sticks, the wedding programmes or fans.
  • Get in on the action: While you should by no means feel the need to capture every moment on your phone, sharing a selfie or two will act as great encouragement for guests to also Instagram your wedding.
  • Make it public: Send your custom hashtag to guests who might not be able to attend the wedding so they can follow your wedding day.

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