You start every morning with a hearty bowl of granola, so why not start the greatest journey of your life with a similar energy kick? Granola has a wholesome and homemade quality to it that is reminiscent of country life, and a single bite is enough to warm the very cockles of your heart.

While it stands to reason that you’re more likely serve granola at a morning than an evening wedding, who doesn’t love to snack on a handful any time of day? So you can only imagine guests’ delight when your waiters come bearing mini bowls of granola as a midnight pick-me-up treat!

  • Kick off the wedding day on a hearty note by enjoying a granola-packed breakfast or smoothie with your bridesmaids.
  • Treat your guests to jars of beautifully layered homemade granola as guest favour – the ideal next-morning pick-me-up.
  • Alternatively, fill pails or containers with various granola ingredients and allow guests to create their own mixes to take home.
  • If you’re having a morning wedding, surprise guests with granola and yogurt parfaits made up in champagne flutes.
  • Opt for a rich and nutty granola wedding cake or have your cake decorated with dried fruits, berries, chocolate chips and granola.
  • Have your guests toss granola instead of paper confetti, to give the birds a little treat.
  • Add a little crunch to dessert by using granola and dried fruit as a scrumptious topping.
  • Granola looks as stunning as it tastes, so place big crystal vases filled with this nutty indulgence in the middle of the tables for guests to nibble on.

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