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Security Blanket { Guestbook Idea }


Imagine wrapping yourself up in your guests’ warm wishes, cuddling up on a cold winter’s night, knowing that you’re in their hearts and on their minds. Well, the blanket guest book does just that!

If you’re wondering how on earth this could possibly work, it’s simple: Hang a beautiful quilt from the tree branches or hooks on a wall, and provide your guests with markers with which to write their words of wisdom. Very important however is to ensure that the markers are fabric markers so that the ink won’t bleed or wash out at a later stage.

The guestbook blanket can be made extra special by asking your mother or grandmother to make the quilt from scratch. Alternatively make it a family project! This also ensures that you get to spend some quality time with your special people during the busy planning phase.

Another alternative is to give each guest a square of fabric to decorate, and then stitch all the squares together after the wedding. While this is a more practical approach, there are numerous downsides like guests forgetting to hand in their fabric square, and the fact that the photographer won’t be able to grab a picture of the completed blanket.

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