With the dawn of the digital age comes the constant need to be within reach of a power plug. And on a day like your wedding day, you can be sure that most guests will be snapping pictures of your bridal beauty and telling the world on every single social media platform they can reach – which means recharging is essential. So instead of having your guests run around wildly, diving under tables and accidentally unplugging the music to try and find a power source, be a good friend and set up a power station where they can get some electrical juices.

The trick to setting up a station is quite simply to “make it pretty”. For instance, invest in a pretty “divider” with slots for the individual phones or decorate the station with flowers galore. You’ll also need to clearly indicate that this is in fact a charging station, so be sure to have signs and posters printed, in line with your other stationery elements.

Most people these days have phones that charge via a mini USB port in which case you can take the charging station idea a step further by having a selection of phone chargers on hand. These can either be “rented” from a local cell phone store or borrowed from friends and family members. Alternatively, include a short reminder in your wedding invitations for guests to pack their own chargers, and simply have enough two-prong plugs available on the day.

While having a cell phone burst into song halfway through the ceremony is hardly ideal, the reality is that guests will have phones on hand regardless. There’s not much you can do about it so you might as well make the best of a modern dilemma.

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